Why start a business in Estonia


The geopolitical location of Estonia, its compactness, logistical abilities, and thousands of years of experience in communicating towards the northern, the western and the eastern direction give us a unique position. As a border state of the European Union we create a strong business link between the EU, the Baltics and Scandinavia.
There are many positive aspects to consider when starting a company in Estonia. Here are just some of the reasons you should consider moving your company to Estonia.


Estonia has a stable and reliable financial system, which supports owning a business. Estonia aims at liberal economic policy where private property is sacred and untouchable and all entrepreneurs are treated equally. Being in the Euro zone provides a stable monetary system for foreign companies.

Re-invest for free

Taxes in Estonia are flat and easy to figure out. Unlike many other European countries, Estonia doesn’t have a corporate income tax on re-invested profits. This means that the company can re-invest their profits in their business without paying money for it. The money can be invested in the company in Estonia or other countries, if the headquarter is still there. Corporate income tax has to be paid only when money is taken out of the company or used to pay dividends.

Low level of bureaucracy

Also a key factor that makes businesses move to Estonia is that most of the bureaucracy can be done via internet, helping to save on time and effort. It is possible to make a company and also maintain the business purely online.

Skilled workforce, lower wages

Despite the introduction of the Euro, the wages of the Estonians stay low. At the same time Estonia’s workforce has been praised time and again for their high skill level at work.