In addition to the daily business you have to find time to do your company’s bookkeeping.
Annoying? Not for us!

Who our clients are

What sets us apart from competitors is our good experience in providing accounting services for international companies. Many of our clients come from Finland, Sweden and the Baltics.

Our team has broad experience in doing accounting for different business sectors. Due to this, we can see the opportunities that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Why use an accouting company’s help?

It lets you save a lot by using outside help. In a small and medium-sized business it is more cost-effective to use the services of an experienced accounting company, instead of having to hire an accountant to work full-time.

Smaller investment

You don’t have to invest in such things as an office, computer, accounting programs, etc. Also you do not have to spend money on updating the program or to raise the qualifications of your worker.

Smaller fixed expenses

Our invoice will be smaller than what you would have to pay in monthly wages to the accountant working at your company.

Broader service

Our services are usually broader and more modern than a single bookkeeper working in your company can offer. We can offer also services outside the competence of an accountant (setting up an affiliate company, taxation etc).

How to choose the accounting service for your company?

Your company’s working process is unique. For this you will also need accounting which is adjusted to your needs. By choosing Aaberg will give you a piece of mind knowing that your company’s accounting will be in safe hands. We have long-term bookkeeping experience in all business sectors.

When choosing the services first specify your company’s needs. The services will then be adjusted to your needs and volumes. If you need assistance in this then please contact us.

All our services are insured. When errors occur on our part then we will fully compensate the damage caused to you!

Our services can be divided in two:

Monthly accounting service

If your company is liable for VAT, you have to submit monthly VAT, income tax and social returns.

In this case we suggest you use our monthly accounting service. This includes all the necessary accounting services your company needs on a monthly basis. Please contact us to find out more about the services.

Price list

Additional services

If your company is not liable for VAT, it is not necessary to submit a monthly declaration. However, you must create an annual report at the end of each financial year. We can help you create it.

If the monthly services is not enough or it is not altogether necessary then you can choose from our additional services. In this case you pay per service which is not reflected on the monthly invoice.

Price list

How much will this cost?

Most companies select a monthly accounting service that meets their needs in terms of volume. You can always add new services to this on a one-by-one, such as creating annual reports, etc.

The final price of the service depends on the volume of work, which is calculated on the basis of documents and people working in your company. Please contact us for the list and price of our additional services.

Our additional services

We offer all the services you would need for succesful bookkeeping in your company. All our additional services are have a one-time fee. Please contact us for the exact price.


  • Stock accounting
  • Personnel records– all about your personnel.
  • Payroll
  • Fixed assets account
  • Payment orders
  • Invoices
  • Business travel reports
  • Submitting declarations(KMD, TSD)
  • Payment orders
  • Improving declarations (KMD, TSD)
  • Other reports in the Estonian language (for Statistics Estonia)
  • Accountants hourly work
  • Accountants hourly work at client’s company
  • Representing at public agencies
  • Legal services
  • Consulting with tax expert
  • Creating internal rules
  • Annual reports
  • Archiving reports
  • Secretarial services (legal address service)

To order our services please fill out the contact form below:

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