You have decided to permanently close your company? You now have a choice of wether you want to sell it or to liquidate it.

Liquidating a company is a very time-consuming process, which includes a variety of tax and law risks.
Leave it to us.

There are many ways to liquidate a company. To decide what is the best option for you please contact us for consultation.

We will focus on your company’s specifics. We are confidential and focus only on the best possible solutions.


The main purpose of liquidation is the distribution of assets of the company that has finished work. This is done mostly while keeping the creditors’ interests in mind. The priority is to pay for the liabilities the company has. Only after that will the remaining assets be divided between shareholders.

First you should spcify what your company’s need are and then choose the service accordingly. If you need help in this then please contact us.

When distributing the final assets it is necessary to pay the income tax. You will get a tax exemption only for the capital you originally paid into the company, which you can withdraw tax-free.
Varade lõplikul jaotamisel on vaja arvestada tulumaksu tasumisega. Maksudest on vabastatud ainult omanike algselt sissemakstud omakapitali summa, mille saad maksuvabalt tagasi võtta.

The process itself is as follows:

  • Creating an overview of the economic activities
  • The decision to dissolve by the shareholders
  • Informing the creditors through the official notices channel
  • Carrying the liquidation notice into the Business Register
  • Preparing the initial balance sheet for liquidation
  • Asset sales, debt collection and satisfaction of claims of creditors
  • the final balance sheet and asset distribution plan
  • Carrying the company deleting notice into the business register

Selling your company

You can always sell your company. If you feel like you want to sell your business then the best way to do it is through Aaberg.

We will figure out your company’s market value and find new buyers.

If you want to sell your business then please contact us.

Putting your business on hold

You have a company that you are not using at the moment but don’t want to get rid of it just yet. If thats the case then you can just put your business on hold for a while. You should only do this if you still plan to return to business in the future. Before you stop your business make sure that you have no active contracts or obligations.

You should also remove your company from the VAT register. With a VAT number you have to declare your turnover on monthly bases. We can help you do declarations and annual reports.

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