Buy a Company in Estonia


If you are planning to set up a new company or expand your current business, the best direction to take is to buy a company in Estonia!

Aaberg Business Center offers companies for sale in Estonia for a low price. You can start doing business with the new company right away!

We offer a packaged deal that includes all the necessary operations to acquire and succesfully set up your new company. During the campaign period we offer the package with a 100 € discount.

The package price is only 990 €.

By establishing a company in Estonia you will save on the following:

  • In Estonia the company’s income tax is 0%. As long as the corporate profits are not distributed, you do not have to pay income tax!
  • Estonia has a flat corporate income tax of 20% when distributing your company’s profits.
  • Ease of managing your company from abroad – thanks to Estonia’s e-residency you can access all the necessary services to run your company from anywhere around the world.

Aaberg’s Gold Package includes:

  • Notarial sales contract
  • Changing the trade name
  • Changing the board members
  • Creating new statutes
  • Carrying changes to business register
  • Price includes all expenses such as the notar and state taxes
  • Setting up accounting (chart of accounts, internal rules, authorizations, etc);
  • Legal address for company (virtual address) for a year;
  • Help setting up a bank account
  • Estonian tax and legislation consultation
  • Applying for the VAT number¹
1You can also buy limited liability companies which have been used for business for a price starting from 2500€. The companies are registered as VAT payers and they do not have previous debts and obligations.

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