Aaberg Business Center business philosophy

Aaberg Business Center is a customer-oriented company offering full-service business consulting, with more than 14-years of experience. Historically, we began as an accounting company. However, after a while we noticed that small and medium sized companies on the market do not only accounting services but rather help with all the bureaucracy of running a business. After that we expanded our range of services to account for this need.

Our goal is to make doing business simple . To this end we provide our clients with all the necessary services that support the company’s core activities. We create for each of our clients a tailor-made solution which fits them the best. Our strength lies is in our stability and the secure feeling we offer our clients thanks our long experience in dealing with the accounting in various business sectors.

Our strength is our highly qualified workers who are committed to your company. We offer friendly and high-quality services that are tailored specially to your business needs.

We offer our customers not only accounting services but also all the necessary additional services that help you manage and grow your business. Therefore, we are constantly developing new products and services to better help your needs.



Our aim is to offer our customers a comfortable and friendly service.


Our employees are professional and skillful. You can trust us to fulfill our obligations to our customers, clients, owners and society.

We are responsible:

As an employer, we feel responsibility for Aaberg’s constant development. We are working to reduce our company’s negatively impact on the environment and to provide our workers with a safe, friendly and stimulating working environment.


We want to make doing business easy for our customers:

  • Doing business is based on relationships between people. When you own a company you should dedicate all your energy to develop it further.
  • Our services will let you concentrate on your core business while leaving all the bureaucracy to us.


Create a new standard for doing business:

  • The new standard means that EVERYONE can do business. Setting up and running a business is now easy thanks to us. You can set up your own company to carry out your dreams and also make a profit.
  • We are a good choice for those who want to direct their efforts into development.


Enn Peil


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